Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Milk Project-Kazmyn Perry

My pitch for the Moo-Moo Milk Makers new adult beverage will take into account the intelligence and vitality of adults over 45 years of age. I want to use a bottle with an area for the hand to grip in order to make the bottle more accessible and less prone to falling. The grips could also be beneficial in the occasion that the drinker is on-the-go and has a lot of things to carry. The top on the bottle will be red in order to distinguish it from other brands. I feel that the red top could be used in a slogan somehow because it’s eye-catching. It seems that most of the time milk containers have the colors red, black, and white in them. The package should be white and covered with a material made from recycled materials. The new brand name should be “Vaca o No Vaca?” That’s Spanish for cow or no cow. The spin I put on the brand name is to show that your thirst can be quenched by milk, better than any other beverage. It’s full of calcium, vitamin D, and zinc.
            I don’t think there’s a need for an extensive slogan because we’re targeting trendy adults who already care about their health. These adults work out and when they finish their workout, they need something to replenish them. Vaca o No Vaca brand milk will be what replenishes them. The logo should include question marks in a diamond form with the brand name in the middle. Overall I think this new brand will attract those adults that care most about health and are willing to spend a little more to be healthy. I think a 20oz. bottle should be about $3.22. Because its organic and a little higher price will make the product seem like its worth more.

Marissa Nora Kampe- Milk Design

The first few words I thought of when I began this project were “strong”, “sophisticated”, “active”, “stable”, and “healthy”. It is based off these words that I began my project and started forming ideas. I originally thought of using a wine bottle of some sort for the container, because it signifies elegance and class, however, thinking about it further, people who are active and constantly doing something would not want to be carrying a wine bottle of milk about, plus uncorking a wine bottle takes more effort and time than taking the top off a normal milk carton. I wanted my container design to be convenient and easy, like a normal milk container, but also something familiar. I eventually decided on a glass mason jar. I wanted to use class because sustainability, recycling, and being able to reuse things is something important in today’s society and I felt that glass is more readily reusable and recyclable than plastic. My dad was the reason I rethought the wine bottle idea. He is an active adult over 45 who drinks milk regularly and he told me flat out that he would not drink milk out of a wine bottle. That might just be his style, and he is just one person, but it brought up a good point about ease of use. On the mason jar, the top is easily removable and there is a handle on the side so that people can drink straight from it, or pour it into a glass.

The brand name is “Pure Gold”. I originally had “White Gold”, then realized that that was the name of the advertisement for the milk campaign in California. I wanted the word “gold” in the title because it signifies that it is the best, first place, that nothing else can beat it. I also wanted to use the word gold because it can symbolize power, stability, enduring, strength, and good fortune. Then I used the word pure, because when I think pure, I think organic, natural, and healthy. So “Pure Gold”, or “organic strength”. The slogan I’m using for it is, “Make your golden age…well, golden” because the way it is said and stated it is more of an of course you want to be the healthiest and in your prime right now. Like, OF COURSE you want to make your golden age “golden”. For the nutrition facts, I made sure to highlight what a high source of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Zinc the new milk product is. As well as with the ingredients, I tried to highlight how natural it is by having the only ingredient as “MILK”.

The colors were difficult for me to choose. On my first mason jar I designed I had a lot of purple and pink and navy and gold and just a lot of colors that, though it looked cool, seemed to be more geared to my age group. So I decided to go with a cleaner, more sophisticated look. I chose dark blue and blue, with gold accents as the colors in a slanted wrapped pattern, because I did research and I looked up what was the most common favorite color for that age range and it said blue. I used gold because the brand title has the word gold in it. In all, I enjoyed this project because it challenged me and make me rethink and go beyond my first ideas.

Art Show Reflection - William Lamar

My overall impression of the art show was that people made some really great art pieces. There were many different types of artwork, it was interesting to see how different people interpreted different styles of artwork in their individual pieces.

My favorite artwork came in the form a colorful cookbook bound by thread. I was immediately drawn to this particular piece of artwork because the cover was full of color and the thread bindings were interesting. Inside, there were colorful pictures of the finished product, along with detailed descriptions of how to prepare the food. The book seemed to flow very well, there was a logical order to the different food products. I was really amazed at the high quality paper used, along with the thread bindings. The outer cover was thick paper, so the cookbook should last a really long time through several generations. This particular piece reminded me of a typical cookbook that people could easily add on to as time goes on. The thread bindings make it possible for people to add more and more recipes that they think are really great so that future generations can cook the same food. This is the main piece I would consider buying for $10 because it will last for so long, the high quality, and it can be passed down to future generations.

Student art is very important at Butler for several reasons. Some people create art for the sake of art, while others make it for economic profit or for a class. Most of the projects in the show seemed to require a lot of thought and a lot of effort. Many seemed like they would have been made without the prompting of a class. Art has many different meanings, at Butler it is important to see different perspectives on all aspects of life. Having my artwork displayed was a unique experience, I have never really had my artwork displayed in an art show before. It was interesting to see all of the silhouette projects side by side, and to compare and contrast the varying techniques used by my classmates, and how they related to my own.

Milk Project - William Lamar

The name of my milk product is "Pure & Simple". The target market of people aged 45+ would associate with the simple bottle design and simple labeling. Milk is a simple product, it only has one ingredient, but the health benefits are enormous.

On the main side of the product, there are USDA organic logos and a logo from the newly adopted food pyramid. Older people can associate with organic products because those are typically associated with healthy products. There is a food pyramid to show how milk products can fit into a well-balanced diet. The next side shows the RDA allowances for the milk product and the ingredients. This side is very simple, as it shows only what is necessary without excess information. The next side shows a recyclable logo, to represent that the product container can be recycled. This associates with older people because they are concerned about the environment and being green. The final side shows exactly what the vitamins and minerals will do for your body. People may know what calcium or Vitamin D is, but they may not know how it is beneficial for your body. This side shows exactly what is in milk, and how your body uses these vitamins and minerals for your body.

"Pure & Simple" is based upon the fact that people in this age group want a healthy product, without excess additives. The target market is very conscious about their daily calorie intake, so the fact that the product is only 100 calories is proudly displayed on the front panel. Overall, the entire product is visually appeasing because it is so simple, but there is a lot of information displayed about the health benefits of the product.

Milk Project- Kathryn Graham

Upon being presented with a Request for Proposal to develop a brand name and packing for a new milk line from Melvin Meyers at Moo-Moo Milk Makers, I was shocked and horrified. I was unsure where to start, considering I HATE milk! Putting my feelings aside I jumped right in with researching the target market and found that the target market we are trying to reach are men and women over the age of forty-five. This target market tends to be conscious of their health when it comes to purchasing and consuming food and drink products. In order to meet the target consumer’s needs I wanted to let them know the product was both organic and had the recommended doses of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Zinc for their age group with out being offensive. To reach this goal I chose to simply provide the consumer with a small statement of the organic nature of the product on the front of the bottle along with a brief summary on the back of the bottle detailing the benefits of consuming this milk. The message on the back also allows the consumer to connect with the company’s goals for the product, producing a consumer/producer relationship. As for the design of the bottle I wanted to hold the milk, I chose to modernize the retro milk bottles from the 1960’s. By doing so I took a familiar and loved object from the target market's era and provide a loving memory of the past and fast forwarded it to the present for consumers allowing them to remember those good old days each and every time they purchase a bottle or drink from one. As for the material of the bottle I selected plastic instead of glass. I chose this because as people age they can become clumsier and more prone to dropping items. In this instance, there is no glass bottle to break and no potential harm to consumers from breaking glass. As for the logo and slogan I chose once again to appeal to the target market's childhood. The brand name I came up with is Dairy Delight, which gives the consumers a more positive experience when purchasing milk. When deciding on a logo for the product I wanted a retro milkman on the front in black and white. Having the image in black and white gives the bottle a more sophisticated feel along with appealing to the memory of the neighborhood milkman dropping off milk each day to your milk chute or back porch. The colors I would use in the designs across the bottle will be purple and black. It will give the packaging a classy, sophisticated feeling along with appeal to both genders. After researching some helpful information I found out that the color purple increases preference for a product as a woman ages and black appeals to both target markets. I feel by choosing these design details I developed a highly visible and sought after product that will be purchased by many in the target market.

Milk Project-Lori Andriot

For my project I knew that I wanted the name be what drew the customers to the project. With the age specifications of this project there was a need to be delicate, to ensure that no one was to be offended by naming of the product. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in this class, in the marketing aspect, it’s that the audience, the buyer, is everything. That being said I chose to find a name that went of the words classy and sophisticated to describe the group of people that is our target audience. I also wanted to tie in of course the dairy aspect of milk in to the name. I came up with many things, the runner-up being HmooO, but alas I decided to tie in one of my favorite literary techniques; alliteration. And thus the inception of the name Sophisticated and Smooth, this title brings in two different types of taste. The first is the taste of the target audience, with is sophisticated, being the worldy people that the baby boomer generation is they know what they want out of life and thus have a distinct taste. It also ties in the smooth texture of the milk, it is as well witty and has the “moo” bolded and focused in on in the title.
After finding a title for what the beverage would be called, I had to come up with what the outer product would look like. I didn’t want anything too childish, I’ve seen many a products fail due to the fact that their packaging and their target audience were contradicting one another. However, since the beginning of this project I knew that I wanted to incorporate, somehow, the traditional glass bottles that you see in classic television shows, movies, cartoons and even, in my case, stories from my parents. And thus I decided to use said traditional glass bottles, I even decided to take it a step further and decided to make these bottles recyclable, so those that buy the bottles can take them back to their local grocer, they would be sent back to Moo-Moo Makers where the bottles would be sanitized, refilled and sent back out for purchase. This not only cuts down on production cost for the company but it also helps the environment by being recyclable and thus eco-friendly.
But what does the bottle look like? Well, choosing to go with the classic design of the glass bottle, I didn’t want the design to clutter the simplistic styling, which is why I choose to keep the sides blank and put all information on the front and back of the bottle. This is also to ensure the customer is not confused, since the bottle is transparent, with all the words and details on the bottle. It will also be easier to read this way.
On the front of the bottle there is the label, which is a composite of a cow face with the word smooth being made up of the nostrils and the “&” sign connecting it (by being a bull nose ring) to the word sophisticated. The front also has the logo on it which is “Have a pint of cold, smooth milk” which is playing off of ‘a pint’ which in Britain is 20 ounces, which is the amount of liquid in my product. As well there is also Organic Skim milk on the front so the customer knows what they are buying, instead of having to search all over the bottle to find what exactly they are drinking/buying.
On the back there is of course the nutritional information, to ensure that those buying this product know what they are drinking. It is also something that has to be on the bottle. On the back are also the ingredients, and the address to mail comments/questions/concerns. This ensures that the customers can stay in touch with the company and they can help make the company better, it’s all about the customer interaction. And lastly on the back there is a witty description, I believe that the target audience will find this description humorous and that will hopefully be an incentive to take this product home with them.
All in all, while the mark-up for this product may be simplistic, it is traditionalistic and this is a quality that I believe the targeted audience will appreciate. This product is all about the quality, it is about getting the customer to try our product and then become loyal to it because it is beneficial to their life. This product is sophisticated and smooth just like the customers that the Moo Moo Maker company made this product for.

"Restore" Milk Project - Nicole Ehlert

When I first think of milk, I think of something that is so basic that it hardly gets thought about at all. Perhaps this is why when I first received this assignment I drew a blank for the longest time. Having had no training in marketing or design previous to this class, I didn’t know how to begin to create a campaign for milk for a specific target market. However, after my mind had some time to process the task, I began to be inspired.

In my mind, or at least in my family, men and women over 45 tend to have a feeling of nostalgia for the ways of life when they were younger as well as either a slower pace of life or a desire for a slower pace of life. In addition, they are very conscious of their health as well as the environment. Finally, they tend to have a higher disposable income to spend on more quality versions of things they enjoy on a regular basis, such as milk. From these thoughts I envisioned a product label inspired by the very simple and natural origins of milk: a pasture. I found a picture that used the soothing colors of blue and green to show a farm scene with cows grazing happily in nature. I then carried out the color scheme by incorporating a blue background. Overall, I tried to keep the design simple and natural because this is a message that I want my customers to see. I included a table of nutrition facts to inform the customer of the numerous health benefits of the milk.

My brand name for this new Moo-Moo Milk Makers drink is “Restore”. I wanted to choose something that would appeal to the target market of individuals over 45 in many ways, so that they can interpret it how they will. In essence, the concept of restoration can be applied to their health, their energy, their nostalgia for old memories, or their desire for a more natural product. To convey this message even more strongly to my audience, I included a short message of situations that they might be able to relate to in which they could reach for a bottle of “Restore” to help them relax and regain control of their lives, finishing with the sentence “You’ve been restored”. Also on the front of the label with the brand name I included a slogan: “Organic… like it should be.” My customers will understand that this high-quality milk is all-natural and healthful, like they remember it being in their childhood. I also included the “USDA certified organic” stamp as well as the universal recycling sign to show that the brand is environment-conscious as well.

The packaging of my product is a sleek, standard, 20 ounce glass bottle which sends a message to my target market that this milk is of high quality and can be comparable to the milk that they used to love that the milkman delivered in their childhood. This isn’t just any kind of milk, it’s something that you can count on to restore you because of its high quality.


Fit- Milk
For my project I decided to create a brand of milk called "Fit-Milk." The idea behind this milk is that it has a bit more protein and vitamins for the people over the age of 45. the focus is on health because more and more people are starting to become health conscious especially people over the age of 45. For the design of the font, I wanted to give it a bolder and stronger look, I wanted the audience to read the Fit-Milk name and think differently about this milk compared to others. I want them to think that this milk will keep them in shape and give them the necessary nutrients to lead a healthy life all from seeing just the font. Going along with the bold and strong font, I wanted a picture of tough looking cow to pose as the logo. I wanted a cow that looks superior to all other cows, that way it gives the audience a sense of feeling strong from drinking this milk compared to the average milk. I also wanted to wrap the milk carton in all white just so it stays consistent with the color of milk and also, I didn't want to change the color of the design outside of black and white because at the end of the day everyone knows what milk looks and tastes like. The all white covering in my eyes gives it a smooth look and my provide for a sense of security for the audience. I also want the emphasis to be on the type of cow that I have created for the logo, I want people to only be able to see my logo and instantly know that it's Fit-Milk, in other words, I was trying to build brand recognition. Lastly, I wanted my borders to be black and white, so I decided to have a checkered border just to give it a little excitement, but again, not too much.

Branding Project - Ashley


Mine brand milk is designed and marketed for the 45-65 year old empty nesters. The tag line is “This one's just for you.” and the concept is tailored toward a sophisticated, witty target audience.

There is currently a large demographic of Baby-Boomers who are gradually becoming empty nesters. After years of shopping for a family, it is finally time to stock their kitchens with the food they really want to eat. This is an adult milk, with no trace of the kid-friendly cartoons found on other designs on the shelves.

The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of vintage mild bottles without recalling a complete retro style. The black frosting is unique and projects a sleek, simple design. It is also effective in helping keep UV rays away from the milk, which can cause premature spoilage. A clear decorative element remains so that consumers can still gauge when they need to buy another Mine bottle.

The name of the product and design of the front panel encourages customers to pick the bottle up amongst a sea of other cartons. It says it is the right choice.The back panel reads, “Mine. Go ahead, say it. Because, after all, you've bought milk for bottles, for coffee, for shakes, for cereal, for cocoa, for dinners, for diets, for cookies, for him, for her, for all of them. But not his time. This one's just for you.”

Mine milk is simple, unique, witty, and sophisticated – just like the people it is trying to attract.

Brand/Package/Label Project - Lauren Bacon

As I'm sure Dr. Skinner already knows, this type of project is a dream project for me. If I could have, I would have dedicated all of my energy into developing a new brand, the strategic plan, and implementation. However, to keep my sanity and to be able to balance my other courses, I limited myself. So, the first step I took was to narrow my target market and do some research. I first focused on Baby Boomers. This generation was born between 1946 and 1964. This year, the youngest will turn 47. Less of this generation is considering completely not working upon retirement, leaving 89% to still continue to hold a job. Additionally, this generation is becoming more tech-savvy with 82% using the Internet. Moreover, they held most of the nation's discretionary income in 2009 with almost 3 trillion dollars (Miller & Washington, 2011, pp. 205-206). After reading more about the generation, I chose to focus on upper-middle to upper class individuals who are cultured, stylish and young at heart.

My first idea was to separate males and females and do a "his & hers" type milk with color coding, although the same logo, but with different tag lines. After drawing up a few sketches of color schemes, I could not think of an appropriate name. So I thought back to my target market and chose to focus on the young at heart aspect. This brought me to the idea that this generation is aging, and some would prefer to slow the process, which reminded me of the Fountain of Youth, or FOY. However, this sounded too much like soy, so I tabled that idea as well and thought of words that seemed related to the Fountain of Youth. The word elixir is associated with potions or mixtures to provide or conserve youth. Then I decided to focus on the color white and went with Ivory Elixir. However, this reminded me of Ivory soap, so I decided to play with other languages. I settled on French because French culture has a fashion forward, chic, classy culture coupled with the old European style. Thus the name Elixir d'Ivoire was born. I chose a deep red and gold [it looks yellow in the drawings, but would actually be metallic gold] paired with black because it looks high class and catches the eye. I Googled French fonts and found the font I chose for the logo. I decorated the glass bottle with two French symbols = a fleur de lis and the Eiffel Tower. The tag line is "Who knew milk could be so chic?" playing into the idea that this milk is cool. This will be a more expensive brand, but since the target market has a large amount of discretionary income, they will not mind paying the premium. Moreover, they will appreciate the perception that the milk is "cultured" since it has dominant French aspects. Finally, this milk will be sold in larger cities, where people like to stay on trend and are more open-minded.

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Art Show Reflection - Ashley

Art Now!

I love art shows! I do! I love museums and exhibits and any place I can see a whole collection of amazing things in one place. I love to just spend hours walking around and examining everything I can! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to give the same attention to our art show, but I did find many fascination wonders!

My favorite piece I saw was a chair made out of an open suitcase! It was so clever and beautiful! I was not only fascinated by it, but it inspired me too. I have an old yellow suitcase at home which will almost definitely be a chair by the end of the summer! I love being surprisingly inspired by something simple you just find as you wonder!

As for having my work displayed, I think I gave me a different perspective on the entire gallery as a whole. Suddenly, I saw each piece not just as a beautiful piece but also as something that someone like me had handmade. Knowing my own creative process and how my ideas flow from my mind to the finished product, I found myself trying to connect the dots of other artist's works. What did they really want it to look like? What was their inspiration? How long did this take them? Or, in the case of the suitcase chair, how can I make one too?

I also began to appreciate the power of a collection. I found myself focusing more on what we were all presenting as a single work than on my individual items. I liked how all of our silhouettes looked together as their own collective art piece, and I was proud of my contribution to that whole.

Art Show Reflection - Ashley

Art Now!

I love art shows! I do! I love museums and exhibits and any place I can see a whole collection of amazing things in one place. I love to just spend hours walking around and examining everything I can! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to give the same attention to our art show, but I did find many fascination wonders!

My favorite piece I saw was a chair made out of an open suitcase! It was so clever and beautiful! I was not only fascinated by it, but it inspired me too. I have an old yellow suitcase at home which will almost definitely be a chair by the end of the summer! I love being surprisingly inspired by something simple you just find as you wonder!

As for having my work displayed, I think I gave me a different perspective on the entire gallery as a whole. Suddenly, I saw each piece not just as a beautiful piece but also as something that someone like me had handmade. Knowing my own creative process and how my ideas flow from my mind to the finished product, I found myself trying to connect the dots of other artist's works. What did they really want it to look like? What was their inspiration? How long did this take them? Or, in the case of the suitcase chair, how can I make one too?

I also began to appreciate the power of a collection. I liked how all of our silhouettes looked together as their own collective art piece, and I was proud of my contribution to that whole. I found myself focusing more on what we were all presenting as a single work than on my individual

Keriann Roush-Art Show Reflection

I honestly didn’t think the art show was very well organized. I had no idea what a lot of things were, who made them, what their purpose or inspiration was. It just seemed a bit haphazard to me, and I was distracted by it all. Because of this, its hard for me to identify a favorite piece. None if it is really anything that interests me or I would ever pay for, or display in my home. However, if I had to pick something there was a set in the series of vegetable promotions. The designs with the tomato were very well done, and potentially I would pay for it as a marketing campaign. It was very well done, cohesive, and the colors were well chosen. I think having an art show at Butler is great, but if I weren’t in this class I would have no idea it existed. Finding a way to promote it on campus and bring awareness would be really beneficial. I also think that displaying art in it should be VOLUNTARY, not mandatory. Art is a very personal thing, and sometimes not everyone wants to display theirs and is made uncomfortable by this. Maybe it should even be open to students who weren’t in an art class but have art, pending approval, that they would like to display. I just think students should have the right to make the choice, display if you want but you can choose not to.

Keriann Roush-Milk Project

For Moo-Moo Milk Makers new adult milk beverage I chose to go with a modern and simple approach. My research of current milk products on the market showed a lack of innovation. Nearly all the products I reviewed were in traditional rounded shape milk bottles, jugs, or cartons. For my design I wanted to go in a completely different direction and stand out from the hum-drum of current milk products.

Our target market, adults 45 years old and above, are more savvy and modern than many give them credit for. They strive to maintain vestiges of youth, are health conscious, and seek to invigorate their life-style. Our design attempts to appeal to this group with a modern square bottle with beveled edges. This deviation from traditional milk bottles shows an updated side to a classic, much like our target market.

The logo design and packaging are purposely kept simple. A blue circle with our brand name “rejuva milk” is front and center. Underneath that it says “Organic Fat-Free Premium Milk”, this lets consumers know exactly what they are getting. At the bottom there is a sun with the words “Refresh Yourself”. I chose the bright sun and these words to remind people of morning, getting a good start and feeling refreshed. The blue I chose feel calm, cool, and collected. Which is how many busy people over 45 wish their lives felt more often. This is the feeling we want to convey with our marketing campaign.

The rest of the design is equally simple. On one side, we give a brief marketing line “Refresh your mind, body, and soul.” This will be the main theme of our marketing campaign for rejuva milk. The other side contains nutrition facts and reminder to keep the beverage cold with the quote “As in life, chill for best results.” This serves as another reminder of the calm, refreshed feeling we are trying to convey. The back is intentionally left blank to keep the design simple and uncluttered.

The final design is simple and modern, yet still reminiscent of a classic time.

Milk Product - Radha Patel

When we first received this project in class, I had no idea what I would be doing for this project. It was so different from the rest of the projects, but it made sense with what the class was meant for. When I first entered the class I thought it would be about designing different products in a way that would make them aesthetically pleasing. Instead it surprised me that we did two different silhouettes, a public art group project and a sculpture. This project was something similar to what I was expecting and also the hardest for me.

The first day I actually sat down to think about the project, I started off by trying to figure out a good brand name for it. At first I had no idea. I couldn’t think of anything original. I came up with “Milky Way,” but I didn’t like that very much because it was already the name of a candy bar. Then I decided to maybe change the name to “Milky J” where the “J” stands for jug, but I didn’t think that would come across very well. Finally, I decided to call it “Milk Mug” because when people usually think of buying milk, they think of buying a milk jug, but this would be milk in a container shaped like a real mug. I had to think hard about the material this mug would be made out of and came to a conclusion that it is best if we stick to plastic since I’m sure milk stays longer and the best in that.

This was an adult beverage; therefore I thought the mug-shaped concept would go well because many adults drink coffee in the morning, but instead, now they could drink milk. The mug would be fairly big, which is why I put a small opening on the top for them to either be able to pour it, or if they could, drink it from the container. As you can see, it says “drink or pour” above the opening. My next obstacle was what colors to make the container. At first I thought I should do normal colors like blue, black or white, but then I decided to do pink, brown, white and gray. I wanted to do brown, pink and white because those are the colors of the kinds of milk my brand name would sell. The milk could either be regular, strawberry flavored or chocolate flavored. The mug could go along with either kind of milk; only the top white strip would either be white, pink or brown depending on what kind of milk it is. On the drawing it is white.

I put a slogan, a unique logo, the nutrition facts and the manufacturer’s information, but it still looked very plain. That was when I decided to add the cow on the side of the mug. I made the color of the cow coordinating with the whole mug. I made the spots in the logo and the cow gray because I didn’t think black went well with brown. I think the cow gives it a little more artistic touch and makes it a little less boring even thought it is a drink for adults.

As a result, I had a very good time doing this project even thought a lot of thought went into it about details. I was short on some art supplies, but everything worked out pretty well in the end. I actually really like what I have to offer in this project because it may look like it is easy to design something, but it is not. It takes a lot of thinking and time. Now I just hope Melvin Meyers likes my design also.

Katie Zeiger- Milk Product

Vintage Squeeze Milk is utterly delightful! This original milk product appeals to the"old soul" in us all. With the goal of aiming at a target market with forty-five or more years of experience drinking milk, it was important to change the way this product appears to the consumer, while keeping the pure and classic taste and quality of the milk, itself. After all, the important part of the bottle is what is inside, but the question remains, what can be done to get forty-five year olds to drink "Vintage Squeeze"?

This Product is far from ordinary, completely organic, containing a mere 100 Calories and an unusually high vitamin content per 20 Oz serving compared to other similar beverages on the market. Over the years, Moo Moo Milk Makers has take great pride in using only the purest milk from the finest cows to manufacture its line. This precise and quality guaranteed method of doing things has been the company's long-term key to success. The CEO of the company, Melvin Meyers, serves to exemplify the goals of his company. He strives to promote good health, longevity, and success through testaments to his product. Melvin wants other adults to experience the results that he has, and needs a way to attract this adult market to a classic milk product. Since the milk that MMMM puts on shelves is far from ordinary, why shouldn't the outside of the bottle reflect the quality of the product?

The first aspect of the design that I considered was the shape and quality of the bottle. It took some time to determine what type of bottle would be ideal for a more sophisticated market. This is precisely why I chose to use a wine bottle. This represents the"Vintage" part of my brand name. Since wine is usually a vintage, I used the style of packaging to determine the name of the product. It is important that the two aspects go together, so the consumer can associate the brand name with the packaging. The Bottle also reminded me of the the classic glass milk bottle that a milk man would leave. I thought this would appeal to the consumer because it represents something classic. The glass bottle is great for storage and does not take up much room in a refrigerator. Another important aspect of the bottle was that it is able to be sealed. This is very important, in keeping the product fresh and free of any impurity.

To accompany the first part of the brand name (Vintage), I chose the word "Squeeze". This reminded me of "freshly squeezed" orange juice, or lemonade. This points out the fresh quality of the milk. The "Squeeze" can also be thought of in a more literal sense. Think about where the milk comes from on the cow, and the process used to get the milk. Especially in the past, when life was more simple, manual labor was used to milk cows. The process of squeezing the utters to attain the milk from the cow was used. I wanted the Title to represent a simpler time, describe the sophistication and experience that the consumer has, all while pointing to the quality of the product in a humorous matter that only adults would appreciate. This is also where the slogan "... It's utterly delightful" comes in to play. It uses the anatomy of a cow to play on words and also state the origin of the milk. This tells the consumer what will happen when they drink this milk; they will be delighted and happy to be healthy.

The label features a sepia and dark tan color scheme to accompany the vintage theme and appeal to a more sophisticated target market. It also features a photograph of a man milking a cow in different sizes for aesthetic appeal, and so that the consumer can associate an organic process with the product. I used something similar to vintage, 1970s style writing to bring the consumer back to their childhood years. It was important to pick a font with some "flare" and that was fairly easy to read. The goal was to make a simple and attractive label that would highlight the product it encases. The beauty of the milk will be enhanced by the simplicity of the packaging.

On the lid to the bottle, I included a logo to support my product. Similar to a vintage date on a wine bottle cork, I wanted to place the product logo in a place where it could be seen by anyone that opens it. It includes a V and an S, to use the initials of the brand name, Vintage Squeeze. The letters are connected to each other and have ovals in the background, just like the label wrapped around the bottle.

The Vintage Squeeze brand speaks to the target market in a variety of ways, it utilizes simplicity, sophistication, humor, and class in order to appeal to the consumer. The outside of the bottle is successful in describing the quality of product inside.

Vintage Squeeze... It's utterly delightful!

Milk Product- Alison Harre

Alison Harre

Rao, Skinner

Aesthetics and Design

26 April 2011

Pure Nutrition

The proposal for the final project was to market and design a brand of milk for the company Moo-Moo Milk Makers. This milk isn’t any ordinary milk. It is milk that is organic, contains more calcium, vitamin D, and zinc, and is only 100 calories. Given this information each candidate had to come up with a product that fit those requirements. The objective was to create this healthy product for men and women who are older than the age of 45. After brainstorming about many ideas, the product soon began to fall into place.

After doing market research on the given age rage, I generalized this target market as the baby boomers. This is a group of people that were primarily born post World War II. Given this information about this group of people, a marketer can assume character traits about the baby boomers. Typically baby boomers like tradition and tend to dwell on the simplicity of the olden days. They tend to stay away from new, confusing, and advanced technology, but rather like classic, quality, and simple products. In addition, most baby boomers are at or approaching retirement. This is relevant because it means that this target market has more discretionary income and is willing to spend that money on premium products such as Pure Nutrition.

Pure Nutrition is a product and service company. Pure Nutrition sells its milk in stores and also delivers to households. When brainstorming ideas for this product relating to the target market, the first thing that came to mind was milk delivery. In St. Louis, which is where I am from, Oberwies has a very popular milk delivery business. This reason is the main reason why I wanted to create a competitor for Oberweis. In a way, milk delivery takes many people back to the basics of the 50’s and 60’s. Milk delivery is a premium and quality service that this target market’s age range is accustomed to.

Pure Nutrition will only be served in a glass bottle. This is because glass is the only material that milk tastes the best in. In addition, glass is considered valuable, high-priced, and a premium especially when compared to plastic. Glass is also classic and appropriate for the target market. The most important factor when choosing glass is the fact that it’s durable, recyclable, and economically friendly. The packaging will consist of a 20-ounce bottle and a gallon bottle. The arrangements for sales will be purchasing a 20-ounce bottle from the store, purchasing a gallon from the store or delivery, and a 4-pack of 20-ounce bottles (equivalent to half gallon) that can be delivered or purchased.

When creating the label I wanted something that was simple and seamless, especially excluding any crazy fonts. I researched a lot of 50’s ad campaigns to see if there was a reoccurring theme in any of the campaigns. One that I noticed was the use of classic colors such as red, yellow, blue, black, and white, which I incorporated into my label. I had a lot of difficulty when trying to choose a benefit that I felt was the most important. I thought that all of the benefits of this milk was important, which is why I incorporated them all.

I really enjoyed doing this project. Since I am interested in becoming a marketing major I really wanted to put a lot of effort into this project. I have never had the opportunity to come up with a product and market it on my own, since I have typically worked in groups for this type of project. I wanted to take full advantage of my creativity to see where it could potentially take me. I think that Pure Nutrition offers this target market a healthy and premium product that they are surely to purchase and become loyal customers of.

Stay strong. Keep living. Pure Nutrition.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kaylin Beckwith Milk Product

Kaylin Beckwith

Rao, Skinner

Final Project

26 April 2011

PT Milk

For our final project, we were asked to create an innovative and original product design for Moo Moo Milk Makers adult milk beverage. In order to do this, I first considered the adult age group. What type of milk are they used to? What associations do they make with milk products? Furthermore, what type of design best reaches this audience? After several prototypes, the answers to these simple questions led me to me final design.

The adult age group was to consist of individuals forty-five years of age and older. This means that they were born in the nineteen sixties or even earlier. Not being of that era myself, I tried to think of what American pastimes were present. Maybe I have simply watched too many episodes of Leave it to Beaver, but it seems to me that the 40s, 50s, and 60s emphasized friendliness and quality much more than today. It was not about doing something the easiest or most convenient way, it was about doing it right. I then remembered that milk used to be delivered door to door by a neighborhood milkman. Subsequently, I thought of all the jokes that older people tell about milkman and housewife rendezvous; and of course, the offspring that resulted of these rendezvous. Fathers used to joke that they did not know if the kids were theirs, or the milkman’s.

That is why my product is named PT Milk, for Paternity Test. This is meant to be a joke that only people of an older generation will understand. I realized that I had achieved my goal when I explained to friends my design and they had never heard of such a thing. One girl even called it “outlandish.” However, when I called my parents, they laughed for a good ten minutes. Also, that is not all that my product stands for. It has a joke that is a funny touch, and the slogan even goes with it, but the slogan also speaks for the quality that the older generation remembers and seeks in products today.

Quality is spoken for in the slogan (“The quality milk you remember, without the milkman!”), but it is furthermore supported in the labels underneath the Nutrition Facts. These series of labels not only mean that the milk is certified organic, but also that the cows were not injected or fed with any hormones. These are very important in not just advertizing quality, but actually providing it as well. The shape of this bottle was employed to represent the old fashioned shape of milk bottles while still being made of plastic in order to be easily recycled. Lastly, the brand name, Nutrition Facts, certifications, and company address are all given on a simplistic and organized label in order to be simple to read, easy to understand, and attractive to older consumers. People of this age are not interested in bells and whistles, they are interested in quality. And that is exactly what my product offers.

Art Show, Kaylin Beckwith

Kaylin Beckwith

Rao, Skinner

26 April 2011

Blog Post- Art Show

Art Show

I was enchanted by the Art Show. Originally, I thought that I would be able to just zip in and out of there on my way to work, but I could not stop looking at all of the pieces. I walked up and down the aisles, read the nameplates, analyzed each work, and then repeated the process several times. The showing of student works not only evoked pride in the professors of Butler, but also allowed students to display their works, and allowed underclassmen students to see what all they are capable of accomplishing in future years. That is what I especially enjoyed. I liked looking at all of the other classes and what projects they had completed, I cannot wait to learn some of the techniques they employed, learn from some of the professors that teach such things, and simply see what works I create. I liked many pieces, but I especially liked the series of photos of paint on students faces that each represented different things. I could not look away from these pieces. Each student was trying to get across a different emotion or message, and I must say that I thought they were successful. It was incredible to see how the paint, the facial expression, and the photography came together to form such works. And I loved the creativity of it as well. We put messages on our faces everyday, but it was genius to plan such things. I would pay $10 for a number of those photographs. I remember thinking that I wanted to take the one about protecting the environment home to hang in my room. Lastly, I did enjoy having my artwork displayed in the show. It was an honor to have my work displayed next to such talented artists.

Art Show - Radha Patel

When I first entered the Reily room with all the different artwork, I immediately knew I was going to enjoy the show. I looked at the artwork last semester also because I wanted to take an art class and I was amazed. Everything in the art show is extremely unique and shows the talent students have in art. This time I noticed more different techniques and different kinds of artwork. I loved the different chairs one of the classes made. It was very unique to each person and I never really noticed any 3-D art last semester. For example, one chair was made out of tennis equipment. I interpreted this as the person having a unique relationship with tennis. Also, one of the pieces really stuck out to me. I loved it. It was something I would want to put in my house. The piece was by Laura Kramer and it was a sort of tree branching out. It reminded me of a family so I thought it would be perfect to put in a house. The leaves were cut out of the cardboard toilet rolls and they were bent to look like leaves. Each leaf had different colors from magazines. All together it looked amazing. I would definitely pay more than 10 dollars for this piece of artwork. The different faces made out of clay were fun to look at also. Some of them really made me laugh. It’s amazing to see how much art has to offer. Right across from that was out class’s artwork and I didn’t realize how great our pieces looked until I saw all of them together. I loved the artwork we did in this class and I was especially pleased with my big silhouette. I spent so much time on it and it felt good seeing it displayed. I think it is great that Butler puts up this art show because it makes every student feel recognized for his/her hard work. I know I did. It feels good hearing compliments for something you spent hours working on. It shows the effort and dedication each student puts into his/her art. I am glad I took this class and that I attended the art show. It was fun exploring my creative side this semester.